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Practical details

We are open all year long, from 7 am to 7 pm, Monday to Friday.

We are closed on Luxembourg bank holidays (available here: The official portal of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg ).

On 24 and 31 December, we will be exceptionally closed on 4.30 pm instead of 7 pm.

We are located in the "Um Schlass" neighbourhood, 3 Dr. Théodore Urbain, L-5893 Hesperange. We have parking spaces available in front of the day nursery so you can take your time and safely come with your children.
Easy to find, we are just 2 kilometers away from the motorway coming from France (A3), Belgium (A6) and Germany (A1), the P+R South parking lot (881 spaces) and the Cloche d'Or (Gasperich). The "Um Schlass" neighbourhood is accessible by bus:

  • Line 16 "Airport -> Hesperange - Cité Um Schlass"
  • Line 30 "Lycée Technique Michel Lucius -> Hesperange - Cité Um Schlass".

Crèche The Happy Few
3, rue Dr. Théodore Urbain, L-5893 Hesperange Luxembourg

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